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Importance of Software Localization for Global Expansion of Applications

The current world is interconnected through science and technology. Distances do not matter as much as they once used to. Software products are intangible and make for very high-profit margins. Selling software across borders or even promoting it for AdSense monetization is a massive opportunity for growth. App localization services are a long-term solution for your application or software. If you think your application has potential, it may be successful in some regions and might fail in others. For example, IMO the messenger application is very famous in Singapore and the Philippines, but people in India prefer WhatsApp, and those in China prefer WeChat. 

How Do Applications Monetize?

Applications usually monetize in a few ways. One is by offering a paid version with full features, two is by providing a subscription-based model, and the third, also the most common form is AdSense monetization. Another way is by selling in-app items. 

Choose AdSense Monetization with Localization

Okay, you might have played Ludo Star, 8 Ball Pool, Chess, or even Candy Crush on your mobile devices right? Now such applications may have subscription models where you can make in-app purchases, or get subscriptions. However, these application’s monetization is mostly dependent on AdSense.

AdSense depends on the number of users that actively play and download your application. If more people use the app, the more you will monetize. The fewer people that use your app, the less you will monetize.

Localization is used to increase your reach in different regions. Hence, the process automatically increases your number of users. An increase in the number of users means more monetization from AdSense. A reason why 8 Ball Pool makes millions of dollars every week is because of the sheer size of their community.

Hence, a Translation services company can potentially help you increase profits through an increase in the user base. Not to mention that in-app purchases, subscriptions, and more features can allow you to make more money. 

Importance of Localization

In current times, localization is not an option. But a necessity of doing business with the global community. The practice is old and we can see many examples. Modern examples can include Netflix, WhatsApp, etc.

No matter how long ago this began or how long will it go on! Localization will help your application in the following ways:

Boosts User Adoption:  

People are far more likely to use software presented in their native language and that aligns with their cultural context. Localization removes a barrier to entry and makes your app feel familiar and intuitive.

Enhances User Experience:  

Localization isn’t just about words. It involves adapting date and time formats, currency symbols, measurement systems, and even humor or imagery to resonate with the target audience. This creates a seamless and positive user experience that keeps users engaged.

Builds Brand Reputation:  

Localization demonstrates respect for your target audience and their culture. This fosters trust and builds a positive brand image in the international market.

Unlocks Market Growth:  

By making your software accessible to a wider audience, localization opens doors to new markets and revenue streams. It allows you to tap into the vast potential of international users.

Here’s the key: effective localization requires planning. 

There are two main stages:


This involves designing your software from the beginning to be adaptable to different languages and cultural norms. This includes using separate code for text, supporting various character sets, and building a flexible user interface.


Once your software is internationalized, you can localize it for specific markets. This involves translating text, adapting visuals, and ensuring cultural appropriateness, which can be achieved through a website translation service. This service can ensure your software’s user interface and content resonate with your target audience in each market.

Investing in software localization is an investment in the future of your app. It’s the key to unlocking global markets and achieving true international success.




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