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Know Your Investor | An Effective Investment Fraud Detector

In today’s advanced world, companies are continuously maintaining business ties with various clients. To conduct effective business operations, companies require numerous investments from third-party entities. It is essential to authenticate the legitimacy of an investor’s income source to ensure secure financial investments. According to a 2022 report, approximately 3.11,000 cases of investment fraud were recorded in Singapore. Companies need to take security measures to acquire financial funds from risky investors. They should conduct extensive investor verification through Know Your Investor (KYI) solutions to prevent illicit financial activities and identity fraud.

Know Your Investor Service – An Authentic Investor Detection Framework 

Know your investor is a KYC-compliant identity verification service that is explicitly aimed at identifying the legitimacy of financial investors. Businesses require large amounts of funds to undertake business operations that give high returns and profits. They must acquire funds from investors that are legitimate and authentic. Before onboarding investors, companies should conduct an effective identity authentication process for the investors. Their financial histories and risk profiles must be examined to identify the financial background and histories of potential investors. Their identity cards, income statements, and tax return documents must be validated against official government databases. 


Companies should utilize digital identity validation solutions to determine the legitimacy of potential investors before the onboarding process. This can be done by enhanced due diligence and biometric verification. Enhanced due diligence involves the identification of underlying customers against several watchlists in order to examine their risk profiles. Investment verification can effectively be carried out through an enhanced due diligence process. It determines whether the investor was involved in illicit financial activities in the past. These solutions help the business sectors to make effective decisions, allowing them to onboard low-risk and authentic investors.    

Investor Verification Solution – Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Automated KYI Solutions 

Know your investor (KYI) services comply with KYC and AML rules and regulations. Companies can effectively determine the authenticity of potential investors through digital identity and document verification services. These services can cross-match the customer’s facial characteristics with data stored in government directories. The investors must follow the rules of biometric verification checks to ensure the validation of their identity. They are required to submit their document credentials to the online servers, which are detected against various databases. 

Besides biometric verification, the investor’s identities are examined for money laundering attempts. KYI rules must abide by the AML regulations to eliminate the risk of money laundering associated with funds transfer. The investor’s sources of funds must be validated to ensure that they are involved in money laundering and terrorist financing activities. To identify whether the investment funds are legitimate, the investor’s documents and financial transactions must be examined to determine the source of funds. AML measures screen the investors thoroughly against watchlists, such as ECL and PEP lists, preventing illicit entities from committing money laundering theft. This ensures that all the funds are coming from authentic and legitimate sources.         

Know Your Investor Solution – A Significant Feature for Enhanced Business Operations 

Know your investor services plays a crucial role for businesses because it protects them from unauthorized investors. KYI services require businesses to conduct a detailed profile analysis of investors to ensure secure investment operations. Businesses must acquire investment funds from investors who are familiar with the company’s goal. KYI solutions can enhance the real estate industry because they can protect the buyers and sellers of property assets from money laundering and unmonitored finances. Know your investor is an ultimate solution to all the problems that may arise through unauthorized investor onboarding.          

Investor Verification Service – A Seamless Investor Verification Framework 

KYI solution provide real-time verification for investors. It enhances the onboarding process because biometric verification provides authentication results quickly. The digital identity verification services are time-efficient, accurate, and convenient for investors. Know your investor services use digital authentication solutions that can be carried out remotely, saving time and the cost of traveling. 

These services reduce the company’s operational costs and enhance its business reputation. Most importantly, it determines the risk profiles of investors through automated verification solutions. The companies can avoid investment funds from high-risk investors and can acquire services from authentic and verified investors. KYI complies with the KYC rules, which protect the firms from non-compliance penalties and fines.     

Summing It Up 

Know your investor is the process of identifying the risk profiles of investors before onboarding them and acquiring financial funds from them. Businesses need to conduct an extensive analysis of investor’s identities to ensure that they are not involved in any illicit activity. This ensures that all the funds are being acquired by authentic and legitimate investors. The KYI solutions comply with KYC and AML rules, which protect business entities from money laundering and related risks. KYI services use digital identity authentication techniques to authenticate the investor’s profiles. These services provide real-time results and enhance the onboarding experience of investors. 




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