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Reasons Why IVF Fails and Factors Affecting IVF Success

The sector of reproductive medicine has revolutionized the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) by offering hope to couples struggling with infertility. However, despite its advancements, IVF success rates vary, and failures can occur. As directed by the IVF Doctor in Delhi, we will explore six causes of IVF failures and factors affecting IVF in the form of key points for an easy understanding.

Poor Egg Quality: A Leading Cause of IVF Failure

According to the Best IVF Doctor in Delhi, the reason for poor egg quality is very major in the case of IVF failure as it disrupts the process of fertility and leads to infertility. There are certain factors like age and lifestyle factors that lead to decline in the quality of eggs. When a person’s age crosses the minimum age limit of seeking a successful biological parenthood, the quality of eggs begin to be impacted and bad routine habits such as consumption of smoke and alcohol, as well as lazy and non-working out lifestyle causes poor egg quality. Natural reasons like age factor are not in our hands, but we can look after the things which can be controlled by us such as, consumption of unhealthy and toxic stuff (alcohol, smoking, oily food, high cholesterol food, etc).

Issues with Embryo Implantation: Hindrance to IVF Success

When there are issues arising in embryo implantation, it causes hurdles in a successful IVF treatment. The causes of this are the factors such as failure in implantation due to genetic abnormalities, disruption in the process of implantation and problem in endometrial receptivity. There are specific treatment options for these problems and apart from that, lifestyle modifications such as regular exercise and healthy food intake can also provide impressive results, but in some cases, a surgical intervention becomes essential.In order to overcome these issues, a person should book an appointment with an IVF Doctor, and should inquire about the cures for the particular issues faced by that individual. A personalized treatment plan can help you in dealing with the issues you are facing in embryo implantation.

Male Factor Infertility: Contribution to IVF Failure

In males, the existence of infertility caused by in various factors such as, genetic issues, lifestyle choices, quality of semen impacts the process of fertilization and decreases the chances of a positive fertility outcome. Less than required number of sperms, low motility rate, etc. makes it very difficult for a man to become a biological father. Apart from that, the bloodline factors of chromosomal abnormalities inside the sperm of a male individual along with poor lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, and not exercising disturbs the success of fertilization. We should keep one thing in mind that any consumption of unhealthy food or anything causing intoxication should be strictly avoided at least in the process of fertilization. If we are affected by age and genetic factors, then a proper conversation about personal infertility issues and their medical solutions should be done with a Best IVF Doctor in your town, so that you can find a solution.

Ovarian Dysfunction: Challenges in IVF Success

In women, the problem of ovarian dysfunctioning is unfortunately one of the major reasons which leads to a non-successful IVF. It comprises factors like, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) leading to imbalance in hormones, diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) leading to a reduced quality in eggs, along with these, the effectiveness of ovarial stimulation protocols also disrupts the process of fertility in IVF. You must be the Best IVF Doctor in Delhi to have a tailored and qualitative treatment. A personalized and customized cure for these specific issues can help you achieve better ovarian health.

Uterine Abnormalities: Impediment to Successful Implantation

One major reason that causes interruption in IVF success is the ‘uterine abnormalities’ that consists of specific reasons such as uterine fibroids (benign tumors in the uterus), uterine polyps (growth in the uterine lining) and structural anomalies (influences on embryo implantation). Overall, uterine abnormalities are an impediment implantation. To overcome this condition, you must contact a prominent fertility specialist and ask for a personalized treatment.

Lifestyle Factors and Environmental Exposures: Influencing IVF Outcomes

One big factor that is responsible for disturbance in the success of IVF is combination of unhealthy lifestyle along with certain environmental exposures. As we have discussed about the impact of bad lifestyle choices responsible for conditions such as anxiety, low immunity, poor mental health, etc. in the phrases above as well, hence it is very much clear that looking after the lifestyle practices is extremely important for each and every individual, and most importantly at the time of seeking fertility in any manner, either naturally or through IVF. Along with that, protecting yourself from environmental exposures like the environmental toxins (pollutants and chemicals), which can make you suffer with poor immunity while impacting the quality of gametes (sperm and eggs). So it is in your hands to protect yourself as much as you can from these kinds of bad lifestyle habits as well as toxic environmental exposures.


The Best IVF Doctor says that undergoing the issues like lifestyle factors, egg quality, embryo implantation, and individuals treating them with IVF can optimize their chances of achieving fruitful results. Not choosing a wise and expert IVF Doctor is also a reason which is highly responsible for not receiving success in IVF. While selecting a specialist,  you should go through online testimonials and reviews of  prominent IVF specialists in the town that offer a qualitative fertility process and an affordable IVF cost in Delhi .




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