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Signs Your European Automobile Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

European cars are known for their high performance. If you own a European car, you are undoubtedly running one of the finest. However, performance may be reduced due to poor maintenance and vehicle aging. If you are experiencing poor performance, it can be because of a clogged fuel injector. 

The function of a fuel injector is to provide gasoline to the engine cylinders to create ignition. As time passes, dirt and debris get stored in fuel injectors, resulting in poor performance and efficiency. Faulty or clogged fuel injectors can cause different types of damage to the engine. Below are some signs that help you know that your car needs fuel injector services. 

Poor Mileage

Engines that are fed with an incorrect fuel mixture require more fuel to run. At first glance, this may seem contrary, as the filler cap blocking the petrol intake was the obstacle that needed to be removed. It results in the engine’s use of more gas because it has to work harder to stay running. 

Note that your engine will work very hard to run the car as much as possible; doing so means wasting more gas, which is unacceptable to the engine. So, if you are experiencing poor mileage, it is essential to get your fuel injector checked by a European auto repair shop

Rough Idling

Is your engine vibrating when running at idle RPMS? Does it seem like the engine is not following the same rhythmic sound from the moment you started it? These signals are an undisputable indication of a blocked fuel injector. When gas levels become too low for idling, your car will jerk. However, the ultimate doom scenario would be that it makes no progress at all. Your service shop will do this and keep your fuel injectors running well.

Check Engine Light

CEL (Check Engine Light) isn’t something to be ignored. They almost essentially always indicate that the engine has failed. What is it that actually makes the power light switch on? It is generally caused by some powertrain issues that ultimately force the light to turn on. A well-equipped modern auto repair shop should have the diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the correct cause of your check engine warning light. An engine is not a cheap asset. Keep it in mind to not drive around with your light on. Take your car to the repair shop to avoid any potential damage.

If you’re considering preventative maintenance for your European automobile, exploring reliable cleaning products like those offered by JennyChem can enhance the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle’s fuel injector system.

Bad Vibrations

If the fuel injectors are clogged, your engine cylinders construct chords because the cylinders will not fire in the corresponding order. At the same time, this is a source of very annoying engine vibration that you will feel throughout the car while you are driving.

Misfiring Engine

Choked fuel injectors can disrupt the engine function, leading to misfiring. What will let you know that a clogged fuel injector causes it? The usual rhythm of your engine will be out of sync, and your engine will make a strange sound.


Such a serious situation may result in you being ejected from your seat or thrown against its sides. An injector may malfunction if it does not supply enough fuel required by the engine. 


Are you struggling with delayed acceleration? This is the second indication that you should take the injectors to the service station. Your engine may keep working, but you may thoroughly dislike driving the car.

Poor Performance and Lack of Power

However, a fuel injector that is not clean can impact your car’s overall performance. It can lead to a decrease in power and acceleration due to lag. If your European vehicle is no longer giving you the zest it used to or is taking forever to warm up, then a fuel injector cleaning should be your first consideration to restore optimal engine function.

Fuel Leaks

Problems with fuel injectors, such as breakage or cracked surfaces, may lead to leaks. Fuel leaks can also occur in the fuel injector line connected to your header. Fuel escapes before reaching the nozzle designed to do so. 


The consequence is that your engine will not be supplied with fuel, thus making the car not start. A gas leak is a great indicator when there is a strong smell of fuel. Gas may leak from the engine, which, in this case, is the cause of the burning smell while driving. If you can smell gas strongly, bringing it in for inspection as soon as possible would be better.

Gas Odors

If this happens to be your fuel injector leak or any other type of fuel leak, you will likely notice the gasoline smell. It is a rule that you should not smell gasoline at all. If you do, you mention that your muffler is leaking, which can cause a fatal engine fire.




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